Drawing A Realistic Minotaur

Drawing A Realistic Minotaur

Step one:

Let’s start with some basic guidelines. Draw a rounded head shape and then draw a triangle for your body. The limb guides should be added after.

Step two:

Sketch your face for this real Minotaur beginning with the snout or the nose. His mouth is opened due to his snarling so draw it this in the right way. Include the hairy chin and jaw structure, and then draw the nose ring, followed by the ears.

Step three:

The head is completed by drawing the steer-like hair and the top on the top of the head. After that, sketch the face using the eyes, teeth and eye. Include details to the face to give this Minotaur the appearance of a warrior’s look or expression.

Step four:

Draw the back of the neck and head Then sketch the arms as well as the torso. Note the definition of muscles for the neck and arms. Remember to include these features in the same way. Draw your hand on the metal bracelet, then move on to the next step.

Step five:

It is now possible to draw the hair along the back of your neck. Add definition to the collar bone and the neck. Once you’ve done that, you can add details to the chest and stomach before moving on to the sixth step.

Step six:

We will now finish the body of this realistic Minotaur. Draw the long, hairy sag of the loin that is actually part of the Minotaur’s physique. Then , sketch the legs and thighs. Look at the hair at the lower part on the leg. Define the legs to give definition of the muscles.

Step seven:

The final drawing step, all you have complete is to draw the second iron bracelet before drawing the hooves. After that, erase the outline/shapes and guidelines and also the mistakes.

Step eight:

After all is said and done, the drawing will look like or similar to, the Minotaur that you see here. You can add some shading and colors.

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