Drawing a Punk Face and Headphones

Drawing a Punk Face and Headphones

Step 1:

Just draw a circle to serve as the head guideline. Then, draw the neck and facial guideline.

Step 2:

We’ll begin drawing out the girl’s face shape and head shape. Include the chin and ears definition, too.

Step 3:

You are able to choose any style you wish with your hair. However, I decided to have the half-head shaved as well as shorter hair that is on the side. The hairline should be added to the part that is bald on the head.

Step 4:

Begin drawing out the eyes starting by drawing the eyes’ eyebrows. When you’ve got those eyes completed, move on to the eyes drawn. Eyelid folds and thick lashes are all required to be drawn into.

Step 5:

Finish the eyes and ensure you give her an under-eye liner. After that, sketch out the nose the nose ring, the brow puncturing, and lip piercings. It is also necessary to draw the mouth of her that is expressed as an apprehension.

Step 6:

Then you will get the headphone muffs sketches drawn out and then a detailed sketch. After that, draw her hoop earrings as well as the headphone wires.

Step 7:

Complete this look and draw the hairband the neck contour. Sketch the neck’s features Then erase your mistakes and guidelines.

Step 8:

Here you go. A drawing can be colored in and enjoy.

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