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Drawing A Plush Puppy

Drawing A Plush Puppy

Drawing A Plush Puppy

Step 1:

Let’s begin by drawing the guidelines to help us draw a proportionate pup’s body. These guides should be drawn slowly.

Step 2:

Next, draw the head shape and then add the large ears that overlap the head.

Step 3:

Next, draw the eyes. Then use thinner lines to inscribe the definition lines. After that, draw your cute little mouth.

Step 4:

Next, begin to draw the rest. To make it proportioned, I prefer to draw the forelegs first and then the hind leg last.

Step 5:

Finally, draw in the tail that is hidden behind the pup’s back!

Step 6:

After everything has been drawn, look at the drawing again to make sure you are satisfied with how it looks. This line art can be used as a guideline for your own version. Thank you for taking part in this tut, friends! It was so much fun making it! Do not be afraid to BATTLE me on DrawingHub!

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