Drawing a Mughead from a Cuphead

Drawing a Mughead from a Cuphead

Step one:

Then, we will draw an oval shape to represent the head. Then draw a circle to represent the body. Include the guidelines for legs and arms.

Step two:

Draw the head’s shape until you’ve got the appearance of a cup. Draw in a large nose too.

Step three:

We will follow the facial guidelines to draw the eyes large. Draw your tongue and mouth, and you’re done.

Step four:

Pour a straw in and then a few drops over the surface of your straw.

Step five:

Begin drawing your body with your extended arm as well as the hand. Mughead can be seen in running posture, and this is the reason why your arm is set as it is.

Step six:

Draw the right hand and arm in the same way as shown here, and then move on to step seven.

Step seven:

This is the process that involves drawing your stomach shorts, and legs.

Step eight:

Finally, draw the feet or shoes, and you’re ready to tidy up your sketch.

Step nine:

Here’s an illustration of the lines. Fill in the lines and you’re done.

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