Drawing A Halloween Puppy

Drawing A Halloween Puppy

Step one:

Create the shapes of guidelines for the dog’s head and body as these. Sketch in the guidelines for facial features along with the leg and tail guidelines.

Step two:

Design the shape and the structure of the head of the dog. Take note of the fact that it’s tilted at an angle. Add some adorable fluff on his head, too.

Step three:

Now we will draw the ears with floppy ears. Once you’re done, you can draw large eye-shaped designs, and then the nose, mouth , and tongue. This dog will have a joyful smile.

Step four:

We’ll draw the skeletal figure to create your puppy’s face mask. Begin by drawing bones on the side , and smaller teeth around the mouth. Draw eyes into the drawing and color the pupils.

Step five:

Then we will draw the body , starting with the body’s torso and front legs and the back of the body. This is the hind legs and the back hair.

Step six:

Draw the tail that is wagging as well as the toe lines.

Step seven:

In the final drawing step, you’ll first erase the shapes and guidelines and then draw the bones to finish the appearance of a skeleton for your black dog puppy.

Step eight:

This are the lines, for you. Paint your work in and display your work.

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