Drawing a Fairy and a Cherub

Drawing a Fairy and a Cherub

Step 1:

There are nine steps to draw. This lesson is not for beginners. To create the framework for your Fairy or Cherub, you will need to start with a few guidelines and shapes. The guidelines for your hand will also be needed.

Step 2:

Use the shapes and guides you have created, slowly and carefully work on the fairy’s facial structure. Once you have drawn the outline of the face, you can begin to draw the actual face. Next, draw her nose. Once you are done, draw all of the details on her face. You can take your time to ensure she looks as beautiful as you see.

Step 3:

This is my favorite part of the lesson. We will tackle her long, straight, and lustrous hair. Although it looks a bit stringy, it is full of beauty and life. You will notice that her hair falls all over her face, including her shoulders and hands.

step 4:

Okay, next. Let’s draw her large hand and long fingers. Each finger’s tips should have points to allow for nails. This is because the Cherub will be hovering above her hand.

Step 5:

Continue drawing hair down her wrist. Next, draw in her fairy-style ear. Finally, draw in some of her back and her shoulder. You can also draw in details and definitions on her body, and inside her ears.

Step 6:

As her hair flows down her arm and fingers, we will continue to draw it in. It is a daunting task to draw all of her hair in. Please take your time. There is no rush. This piece of art took me some time and I have been drawing for many years. Don’t expect to be able to draw a perfect drawing in an hour.

Step 7:

It’s now time to start on the cherub. It’s like drawing a baby with wings. We will draw the back of the cherub, which is the head and back as well as the arm and hand that reach towards the fairy. Draw the details of his hair, then add the eyelash to complete the profile.

Step 8:

Take your time and draw his beautiful wings. They are feathered and expanded because he is flying. Once you have the wings drawn in and sketched, draw the legs and feet of the Cherub. You need to detail everything.

Step 9:

You can then draw more wings on the other side, and you will be able to erase all your mistakes and any guides.

Step 10:

When you’re done, here is the finished piece. To bring out the beauty and bring it to life, you will need to color the art.

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