Drawing a Chibi rabbit from Winnie the Pooh.

Drawing a Chibi rabbit from Winnie the Pooh.

Step one:

Create two forms, one for the head, and one to cover the body.

Step two:

After that, start drawing the face of a chibi rabbit from an angle as the one you see. The long hair on his cheeks must be a part of the drawing as well.

Step three:

You can now draw the long ears of a chibi Rabbit as follows. Once you’re done, draw the hair puff on his head.

Step four:

Draw the marking line that appears on the Rabbit’s face in chibi form, then draw the cheekand nose.

Step five:

Next, draw the eye’s big and then paint the eyelash. It is also necessary to draw in the eyebrows that are bushy. Include some whiskers, and finally the mouth line to form the lip.

Step six:

Almost done people. Draw the chest and arms and then draw a sketch on his chest.

Step seven:

Draw the remainder of the Rabbit’s body, and include the tail and feet. The tail’s puffy part is to be drawn in to appear like cotton. Make sure to remember the lines of your toes.

Step eight:

Then, add the marks to the belly before putting them in between your legs. Remove the mistakes so that you are able to finish the entire process.

Step nine:

This is all she wrote. Now , you can color with Chibi Rabbit to complete it.

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