Draw the Ice King from Fortnite

Draw the Ice King from Fortnite

Step 1:

Let’s get started. Draw the Ice King’s hooded hat. This is a simple hood that has an opening to the area for the face.

Step 2:

Draw three spike-like icicle-like horns or spikes on the head.

Step 3:

Once that is complete, you can begin to build the upper body. The chest’s shape and structure should be sketched. Next, draw the shoulders and arms. The plates that make up his armor will be added to the arms. Make sure to include the emblem.

Step 4:

Continue working on the chest, torso and shoulders. The chest will be drawn in a barrel-like shape. Next, you’ll draw the armor design. As you can see, there are several sections that need to be drawn. The arms should be around the waist, sides, and more.

Step 5:

Add some length to your body below the waist. As you can see, you will need to draw the straps and flaps as well as design work for his armor. Draw the right arm and some portions of the left arm. Take your time, and take note of how everything is drawn in sections.

Step 6:

Now we are ready to wrap up this lesson. You can finish it by drawing Ice King’s remaining armor and his hands. You should draw the hands in a clawed pose. You can then finish the project and erase any mistakes made.

Step 7:

You’re done! You can now have fun coloring this Fortnite character or skin.

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