Draw the Creeper

Draw the Creeper

Step 1:

It’s a simple first step. Two forms and some guidelines for facial features.

Step 2:

This is where you’ll draw the cape. If you look closely, it looks like a bell.

Step 3:

Draw the outline of your face, draw the lid for your brows and then draw Creeper’s ear.

Step 4:

Draw the rim of your hat, then add the base to the top hat.

Step 5:

Draw the top of your hat as follows.

Step 6:

You can now draw the sections of your face to give the Creeper that carved appearance. Then color in the eyes, and then draw the eye shapes. You can also add the nose and mouth.

Step 7:

Next, remove the jacket’s thrown-back lapel and proceed to step 8.

Step 8:

Simply add the other side to the cape, and some chest lining.

Step 9:

Finally, draw the boots.

Step 10:

Line art should look exactly like this one. All you need to do now is to color Creeper.

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