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Draw Tenth Doctor

Draw Tenth Doctor

Draw Tenth Doctor

Step 1:

Start as you always have, with some guidelines and shapes to help you draw the character that you are going to create.

Step 2:

Next, draw in chibi the shape for the face of the tenth Doctor. Then draw the shape for the ear.

Step 3:

Draw your hair loosely and messy.

Step 4:

To draw large eyes, use the facial guidelines. Bold lining should be applied to the sides and top.

Step 5:

You can draw the pupils and eyeballs, as well as color them in.

Step 6:

Next, draw the eyebrows.

Step 7:

Draw the body as a peacocking chest, shoulders and arms. Next draw the arm and sleeves.

Step 8:

Next, we will draw the jacket’s lining and the lapels. The belt and jacket pocket will be drawn next.

Step 9:

Tenth Doctor is done. Next, draw the legs and feet. Draw the hand that is hiding behind Tenth Doctor. To clean up your drawing, erase any guides or mistakes.

Step 10:

Here he comes, Tenth Doctor. Color in your Doctor Who character. Be sure to share, love, comment, and most importantly, fav.

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