Draw Pit Bull, White Pit Bull, from Kitbull

Draw Pit Bull, White Pit Bull, from Kitbull

Step 1:

We will start as we have always done. It is important to draw in guidelines and shapes.

Step 2:

Next, draw the whole shape of the pitbull’s head, including the ears. It’s funny how pit bulls are named for their heads, which are actually shaped like bulls.

Step 3:

Now draw the eyes, and the shape of your nose. After that, you can add some wrinkles to the nose and sides of your face.

Step 4:

Now we can begin to draw the shape of the dog’s head. Start at the back of your neck, and work your way down to form the back, butt, and hind legs.

Step 5:

Next, we will draw the front leg and the paw. Then, we’ll draw the nails. Once that is complete, you can draw your dog’s tail.

Step 6:

Finalize this pooch by drawing the other leg, the chest and the other leg of the pit bull. You can also erase all guides and mistakes.

Step 7:

When you’re done, this is the lineart. You will only need one color because he is an all-white pit bull.

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