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Draw Pikachu For Halloween

Draw Pikachu For Halloween

Draw Pikachu For Halloween

Step 1:

Okay, let’s get started. Start by drawing the two shape guides for the body and head. Draw in the facial guidelines and then draw the guidance for his ears.

Step 2:

The next step is to sketch the exact design of Pikachu’s face as shown here. This is a straightforward step, and you’ll make use of the outline you sketched in step one.

Step 3:

Now, before drawing Pikachu’s ears, you have to draw the top of the pumpkin in which Pikachu is wearing or is sitting in. The lid is shaped exactly like when you employ a knife for cutting your pumpkins for Halloween. The stem can be added as well as the details on the lid, too.

Step 4:

The next step is to draw his ears that are both long and straight. After that, you can draw Pikachu’s pumpkin body. I would like to think that Pikachu cut off the pumpkin and then walked inside. Make a hole and then color it black. Sketch in the outline of the pumpkin’s exterior for details in the texture.

Step 5:

We will draw his lightning bolt-shaped tail. Note how the tail gets wider towards the top or tip.

Step 6:

The next task is to draw the face of Pikachu next. Color and draw in his eyes, which are round. Then draw the mouth, nose as well as the circles that he has on his cheeks. Make sure to add character to the face by drawing brows.

Step 7:

The final drawing step, and as you can see, you’ll draw with your hands the hollows in the hands are emerging from and the rabbit-like feet. Remove any mistakes you may have made as well as any guides that are visible.

Step 8:

Here’s the line art once you’re done. Then you can enjoy coloring your picture of Pumpkin Pikachu in celebration of Halloween.

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