Draw Nefertiti, Egyptian Queen

Draw Nefertiti, Egyptian Queen

Step 1:

We will start by drawing her head, then the outline or guides for her nose and eyes.

Step 2:

Start to draw the contours or structure of Nefertiti’s facial features using the guide that you created in step 1. Once you have your sketch, draw the neck and collar of Nefertiti.

Step 3:

You can finish the head off by giving or drawing a Head Crown to her (which is the name of the headdress worn by pharaohs, queens, and other royals). After the hat has been drawn in, you can give the rest of the neck to her: an ear, the back of the head and an earring. You can also add a shoulder line.

Step 4:

The Head Crown should be adorned with details and lining. Finally, draw the cobra snake at the front. Draw the necklace that she wears and detail the inside of her ear.

Step 5:

You can add more detail to your hat by adding a stream of squares.

Step 6:

Next, we will draw her pretty eyes and then her nose. The eye lining should be thick or bold. To emphasize her eyes, the eyebrows should not be too thick. Add some detail to the nose.

Step 7:

This is the last step of the drawing process. You will need to draw the lips, mouth, and neck, and then define the neck and face. You can also erase the guides and mistakes you made.

Step 8:

Once all the steps are completed, the drawing should look like the one shown here. Enjoy coloring this egyptian princess.

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