Draw Chibi Pinhead

Draw Chibi Pinhead

Step 1:

Start by drawing the circle that will be your head, then draw the smaller shapes for your torso. You can also add the facial guides.

Step 2:

Draw a more detailed shape of Pinhead’s face and head.

Step 3:

Next, draw the eye and brow shapes and move on to the next step.

Step 4:

The eyeballs will be drawn by you. That’s it.

Step 5:

Draw the nose flared and the mouth.

Step 6:

Lines should be drawn down to the entire head.

Step 7:

Now, draw horizontally along the face in the following manner: Make sure that the lines flow with his expression.

Step 8:

Begin by drawing and coloring in the pins. After you have drawn the outer pins in, you can start to draw the boxes on the face. Next, add pines at the intersections of the lines.

Step 9:

Draw your arms and hands, with a toned appearance to exaggerate. Next, draw the chest, then the hips.

Step 10:

You can draw Pinhead’s leather suit design.

Step 11:

All you need to do here is draw the rest and then sketch some details.

Step 12:

Finally, remove all color and mistakes from the pupils or eyes.

Step 13:

You can now color your Pinhead chibi-style drawing. Do not forget to share this lesson or comment, like, fav, or love.

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