Draw Bumblebee

Draw Bumblebee

Step 1:

Start by sketching the basic shapes and guidelines for your Bumblebee character. This will make it easier to complete the task.

Step 2:

The helmet is the only part of the frontal portion of the head. You should also draw the visor.

Step 3:

Finish the head shape of Bumblebee and draw the antennas along with the eyes. The helmet or head will be completed by you. However, it will look more like a head because he is a robot. Don’t rush, take your time. Rushing will only make you more frustrated, and your drawing will be sloppy.

Step 4:

You will see the large, bulky shoulders and thick forearms. You can also add detail and definition to your Bumblebee design as you see it here.

Step 5:

This step will allow you to draw one of Bumblebees’ hands. As you can see, it is robotic. Finish the design and add details to Bumblebee’s design.

Step 6:

Next, we will focus on his lower half. This should be quite simple. This simple shape looks like it has two halves due to the design.

Step 7:

You can now draw the left leg, and some of the body’s midsection. After that, you can draw the fingers on the other side.

Step 8:

This is it. Now draw the opposite leg. Next, add all details and design to the legs.

Step 9:

The last step is to draw the tires on each shoulder’s back. The yellow Camaro is the vehicle so the tires must go somewhere. Once you’re satisfied with your drawing, you can remove any mistakes and add the guides.

Step 10:

This is the final drawing after you’re done. You can now color him and show others who you created it.

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