Draw bed

If you know how to draw a side view of a bed, and you’d like to learn how to draw a three-quarter view of a bed, then this new bed tutorial might be just what you need. It has an interesting three-quarter point of view, but the shapes are still pretty simple and easy to draw. A colorful quilt with big puffy squares emphasizes the dimensional look.

A bed is a piece of furniture that you sleep on. You can make a bed by making a frame with wood and then putting a mattress inside. You can draw a bed with this tutorial.

If your kids like to draw furniture, this tutorial will be very useful for them. This is a bed, and it is easy to draw. You can draw it with a pencil. If you want to draw it in color, you can use markers. It is good to draw the bed with a three-quarter view because then you can see the top of the bed and the bottom of the bed.
The bed has a top and a bottom. In the middle, there is a place for a pillow. It has a headboard and a footboard. The headboard and the footboard are the same size. There are four legs. There are two legs on each side. The legs are the same size.

What’s You need to Draw Bed

  • Paper
  • Pen/ pencil Or marker
  • Color If you want to use
  • Drawing Table
  • Chair for sit
  • Time 20 mints

Steps how to draw a Bed

Step1: First, draw a big box. Next, draw a smaller box on top of it. Then, draw a line down from the top of the box to form the top of the bed. Then, draw three lines from the corners of the box to form the sides of the bed. Now, connect the lines. This will make the bed.

2nd step: Next, draw the bedposts. Then, draw a rectangle on each corner. Make sure that you draw each rectangle so that it extends beyond the cube on the top and the bottom.

3rd step: Here you have to draw a set of parallel curved lines in the shape of a rainbow starting from one bedpost to the other part on the narrow end of the bed. You’ll get a picture similar to the one displayed below.

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4th step:

Now let’s draw a circle on the top of each bedpost. These will be the * on the top of the bedposts. Now draw a straight line that must pass down from the middle of each bedpost. This will give them a three-dimensional appearance.
Now we need to draw a rectangle that will be the base of the bedposts. This will be the longest side of the bedpost.

Some Drawing Bed Images:




A bed is a piece of furniture used to sleep on. It is a wooden frame with a mattress on it. You can use a bed to sleep at night. You can also use it to rest during the day. A bed is a very important piece of furniture.