Draw Baby Mike Myers

Draw Baby Mike Myers

Step 1:

Begin by drawing a circle around the head, then another for your body. Next, draw the facial guidelines.

Step 2:

You can now draw the contours of your face, and then the hairline.

Step 3:

Next, draw the hairstyle. Then draw the shapes for the ears. Next, add details to the hair.

Step 4:

The facial guidelines will allow you to draw the eye shapes and the eyebrows. Add the eyes to the nose. Next, add some cheek markings and a chin bump.

Step 5:

Now draw your body, which includes the shoulders and arms as well as the legs.

Step 6:

This is where you’ll draw the seam lines for your shoulders, waist, zipper, and cuffs.

Step 7:

Draw the butcher knife, then his hands. You are done!

Step 8:

This is the line art. You can now color Mike Myers’ baby form.

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