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Draw a Wyrm Dragon

Draw a Wyrm Dragon

Draw a Wyrm Dragon

Step 1:

Start by creating some guidelines and shapes for the frame of your wyrm-dragon head.

Step 2:

Use the head guide to slowly sketch out the structure and features of the dragon’s forehead.

Step 3:

Sketch in small, spike-like shapes to create the texture portion of the Wyrm’s formation before we move on.

Step 4:

Because he is making a snarling face, we will now concentrate on the wrinkles, creases and people that are made with his dragon’s faces. You can see that his eye is in an evil or sinister position as the brow of the dragon bends. You can see the detail and definition around the eye and nose here.

Step 5:

Now, we will sketch the actual shape and structure of the jaw and snout. Next, add the thick, long horn. Finally, draw in details and definitions around the surface and skin base of dragon’s horn as well as on the face.

Step 6:

Now, we will slowly draw in the teeth. Begin with the fangs, then draw each tooth that lines the entire inside of your mouth. Then, you will color some of the skin tissue at the corners of your mouth. You should also draw the arch of your tongue.

Step 7:

Finish the tongue, then add texture details to the surface of the tongues like the one shown here.

Step 8:

Next, add the second horn. Then start the process for frills that fill the back of the dragon’s jaw or head. The layer closest to the head appears more like spikes.

Step 9:

Now, draw the shape and position of the dragon’s neck. It is now in a slithering position just like aworm would. You can also add definition to the neck’s top.

Step 10:

Finally, draw all scales on the dragon’s skin. This is a delicate task so take your time. Scales are not something we want to do too much with. Be sure to draw scales exactly as you see them here. You can also erase the guides and mistakes.

Step 11:

This is the line art. You can now color your dragon however you want. This tutorial will show you how to draw a wyrm.

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