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Draw A Votive Candle

Draw A Votive Candle

Draw A Votive Candle

Step 1:

The first step is to draw the glass for the votive that will be used to house the candle. The gap is the area required for the wick and flame.

Step 2:

Draw the edge line in the glass candle holder, and then draw the candle’s wax line to create the design of your candle votive.

Step 3:

The whole gap visible in step two is now filled by the body and shape that the candle’s flame takes. Note the arch at the bottom of the flame’s form, it is there to create the gap between the flame wick, without sketching the exact shape. This technique creates a realistic look for the flame.

Step 4:

Draw a simple sketch of an outline to make the shape of the wick. Remove any mistakes you have made any.

Step 5:

You have just created a candle for a votive. You can now draw further or simply color the artwork inside.

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