Draw a Stuffed Owl, Stuffed Animals

Draw a Stuffed Owl, Stuffed Animals

Step 1:

Create two circles. The one for your head, and another one for the body. After that, draw the guidelines for facial features.

Step 2:

Then, we will determine the head shape and facial shape in the same way. Make sure to draw the feathery tufts along each side of the head as the image below. This is thought to be a fantastic Horned Owl.

Step 3:

Now, let’s make the wide heart-shaped face lining as you can see here. Once you’ve finished, you’ll have to draw the stitched lines all around. Draw and color two eyes that are big and round, and then draw a small diamond-shaped nose, as well as the indenting over the face. This is the pushed-in appearance of stuffed animals.

Step 4:

It is necessary to draw out your body after that. The body should comprise of the belly, wings and feet. Include the two feather layers, and finish by adding details for the feet. After you’ve finished, you can sew the stitch across the belly.

Step 5:

The final step will draw the tail of an owl and make sure you make the feathers curled so that they look natural as they would look on the back of a pet.

Step 6:

It’s that simple. it. You are able to color the design in any shade you’d like But remember that this is a horned Owl, therefore the colors must reflect this.

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