Draw A Snake and Skull Tattoo

Draw A Snake and Skull Tattoo

Step one:

Begin by drawing a few designs for the guide of skulls and snake’s head. After that, you will draw the the skull’s face as well.

Step two:

Then, we’ll begin drawing out the edgy layer of lining which will make up the the skull’s bony surface. The cheek crease and the above the head need to be added to ensure the correct creation of the skull’s design.

Step three:

The next step is to draw the sockets that support the eye hollows and the form of the nasal cavities. Draw the details around the eye and also with the nose. Note that the nose isn’t smooth lined. Instead, it’s rough or wrinkled.

Step  four:

This is where we begin drawing within the upper region inside the mouth of the skull, which is also the teeth as well. The front teeth with pointed edges are more long than other teeth. After the mouth has been cleaned, you can sketch some lines along your forehead, the brow the cheeks, and the nose.

Step five:

Here’s where you’ll sketch all the cracks and detail all over the skull’s face and the upper teeth. Be patient so that it is done in a neat and effectively.

Step six:

We’ll work on the snake in the next step. Begin by sketching the shape of the mouth and head. The mouth is opened, therefore you’ll also need to draw jaws or teeth. Make the arched shape for the eyebrows and draw in the serpent’s neck.

Step seven:

Draw your eyes in and then draw the tongue. Also, you’ll begin the process of scaling. This isn’t an easy course However, once you’ve finished you’ll be happy with the result. You can add more detail around the eyes and mouth and then draw the chin to represent the skull, which is hidden behind the snake’s head.

Step eight:

Continue working on the jaw’s structure. Draw the lower row of teeth as shown in this image and sketch out more detail for the jaw bone.

Step nine:

Remove the skull , and sketch the snake’s body further. Include the belly with scales and then draw the bottom of the skull’s teeth.

Step ten:

The snake is crawling over at the very top of the skull’s top, therefore it is necessary to sketch in the rest of the snake’s body that rests on top of the skull. The tail’s end is to be curled, and once you’re finished, you’ll be able to sketch more detail to the skull.

Step eleven:

Fill in the hollows with color as the ones you can see at step 11. After that, draw the reverse of the skull, and then detail the skull as well.

Step twelve:

It is a long procedure because you’ll need to draw with patience all the scales onto the snake’s body. Make sure to take your time and listen to something enjoyable that you can sing to , which will make the time go by.

Step thirteen:

Then, draw the splatter into the middle of the background. Note how the splatter spreads. You’ll need to draw the drips , too. Eliminate the mistakes and guides (if they’re evident).

Step fourteen:

After you have cleaned your drawing up, the end result should look similar to this drawing. Add some color and display your work to family and friends. Don’t forget to comment, share and like this lesson If you think it could be an awesome experience.

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