Draw A Nutcracker Easy

Draw A Nutcracker Easy

Step one:

There aren’t any guidelines or forms, as this is a fairly simple instruction. Start by drawing the outline of the face. Then draw the top the hat.

Step two:

The second step will draw the hair that is bushy around side of nutcracker’s hair. After that, then draw in the almond-shaped eyes the dark and thick eyebrows, the mouth, mouth, and nose.

Step three:

This is where you draw the nutcracker’s neck. Then draw the long beard. After that, then draw your shoulders and wooden arms, and the round-shaped hands.

Step four:

The lower part of the jacket must be drawn in the next step. This is a normal bowl shape. You can also add the design at the top of the jacket as well.

Step five:

Finally make sure you finish the Nutcracker out by sketching the feet and legs. Include details to the shoes and pants and erase any mistakes and guidelines.

Step six:

It’s that simple. it. You can now enjoy coloring your Nutcracker for your kids and make this work come alive.

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