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Draw a Cracked Face

Draw a Cracked Face

Draw a Cracked Face

Step 1:

Start beginning by sketching the outline of the face, and then drawing the facial guidelines.

Step 2:

Utilizing the shape guide you created in the first step, go ahead and draw the left face of the girl’s. This is her normal face. Also, draw your eyelids.

Step 3:

Begin by drawing the eyebrows. While drawing them, the eyebrows must be in a fearful and expressive state. After that, draw the eyes in. Note how the eyes are set.. The nose needs being drawn into, as will the lips. Make sure you draw her face to appear like it’s than sad.

Step 4:

Okay, let’s tackle the hairstyle of this girl. I decided to go with a straight hairstyle However, you are free to draw any way you’d like. A lot of people prefer to draw themselves in their drawings , which allows them to reflect to how they see their own self.

Step 5:

Yes, you’re nearly finished. Draw the outline of her neck. Then her shoulders.

Step 6:

Finally trace the lines which flow vertically across her face. This reminds me of Gaara’s face that was cracked. The image was in my mind , and it appeared in the form of a dream. It’s amazing what the brain does, which is why I am a sucker for it. So, clean up your errors and follow-up guides.

Step 7:

That’s it. If you’ve followed the steps, you’ll end up with an image that is similar to this. Then, color it in, and upload it to the internet so that others can see your skills.

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