Draw a Christmas Chinese Dragon

Draw a Christmas Chinese Dragon

Step one:

Hey everyone. Let’s begin with drawing the shape as well as the guidelines to draw our Christmas dragon. It is evident that, I created the guidelines in sections to allow you to quickly draw the Christmas dragon, too.

Step two:

Utilizing the head guide shape Begin drawing the muzzle of the dragon. It is a very friendly dragon, so you should smile at her. Make sure to add cheeks, teeth and eyes.

Step three:

The next step is to create next, the Santa style hat, followed by the horns.

Step four:

Include Christmas decorations to the horn, such as lights and an Jingle Bell. After that, then draw the dragon’s head and part arms.

StepĀ  five:

Continue working at the arms of dragons. Once you’ve completed them, then you are able to trace the toes or talons. For this final step trace the lines of the body movement for Dragon’s arch back as well as tail.

Step six:

The belly will be drawn feet, back leg, and the belly and then draw the final shape that the tail takes. The tail’s top can be traced in the following step.

Step seven:

Finalize the entire drawing by drawing the super fluffy or hairy top of the tail followed by the whiskers and hair that runs down to the neck of the dragon. Remove the mistakes, and all the rules and shapes too.

Step eight:

Here’s a picture of an adorable Christmas dragon ready to color. Don’t forget to add scales.

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