Draw A Chihuahua Easy

Draw A Chihuahua Easy

Step one:

Begin as we normally do by drawing two different shapes for the body and head. After that, you will draw some guidelines of the facial features, and follow a outline for the tail.

Step two:

Utilizing the head guide begin to sketch the head’s shape. The dogs are large to small heads that narrow towards the chin.

Step three:

Now, we will draw the ears that are large. You are able to draw the coat in a long or short length and I chose to draw it long. It is evident that, the hair is located at the corners of the inside at the top and the bottom. Incorporate lining inside the ears for definition.

Step four:

Use guideline for the facial to sketch and color the eyes. Then, add the facial shape and sketch the face. Add a chichibrow to enhance the expression.

step five:

Hey guys Draw the front portion of the chest , which I like to call a long coat. The front leg should be added along with some back area of the neck too.

Step six:

You can conclude your chihuahua’s chihuahua back of the body. It includes the hind legs, the back and the long tail. The front leg needs to be drawn in, as well as the toe lines for the feet. Eliminate the mistakes as well as all guidelines.

Step seven:

Here’s an illustration of the lines. Then you can color the dog you sketched in the easiest method. I hope that you had fun Make sure to share, Like, comment, and share.

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