Draw a Cartoon Bat

Bats have captured the imaginations of thousands and thousands of humans international over the years. These winged creatures of the night time are frequently used in Halloween imagery or considered flying round spooky castles in movies.

Despite this reputation, they can frequently be pretty lovely in actual life, and many human beings love the appear of these winged rodents!

If you’re one of the tens of millions of bat followers in the world, you would probable like to study how to draw a bat. If so, you’re in the proper place!

We created this handy step-by-step information on how to draw a bat.

 Draw a Cartoon Bat Step-By-Step

1st Step:

Start drawing with your character’s head. For doing so draw 3 inverted curves followed by the 2 other lines going downward. Inside this draw a smiling mouth with tounge.

2nd Step:

Below the face draw number of curved lines which will form the body of the bat, follow the given image for reference.

3rd Step:

Draw 2 leaf-like shapes on the top of the head to form the ear.  Double the line of one side of ear.

4th Step:

Inside body draw a small curved line on both sides and draw 2 legs using curved lines.

5th Step:

Draw wings on both sides, for this draw an upward curved line followed by a downward going curved line. Then enclose these lines with the more curved line and wings are formed.

6th Step:

Inside the head draw 2 big rounded eyes with a flat round nose in between both the eyes.

7th Step:

Draw the dark big pupils of eyes and a tongue inside the mouth with 2 curves.

8th Step:

Your cartoon bat is ready, color it with the combination of black, blue, grey, any dark color.

Drawing a bat may seem like a tricky picture to take on, but by breaking it down into manageable steps, we hope that it was fun and easy for you to learn.


Watch The Video Draw a Cartoon Bat

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