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Draw a cartoon bat

Draw a cartoon bat

Draw a cartoon bat

Step 1:

Start as you always have, and that’s with body guide shapes.

Step 2:

Now we will sketch the actual structure for the bat’s head, which will also form part of the face. Once you are done, draw some large circular shapes for your eyes. Make sure the upper lid is clear.

step 3:

Draw the bat ears. Once that is complete, you can draw the tufts of hair used for bangs.

Step 4:

Finish the face by drawing the fangs and bat’s nose. The eyes and mouth can be completed as well.

Step 5:

Draw the large arms that will form the bat’s wings.

Step 6:

Start with the stomach and work your way up to the furry tail.

Step 7:

Draw the wing skin to complete the bat wings.

Step 8:

You can finish the wings by adding detail and definition.

Step 9:

Now we will finish this cartoon dragon by drawing its legs and feet. The belly will be defined with some claws. You can also get rid of the guides and mistakes.

Step 10:

This is the line art, folks. This lesson on drawing a cartoon bat was fun. You can color it and draw a background to give him a place to call home.

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