Draw a Bear

Bears are animals that can have two contrary reputations. On the one hand, some see them as consultant of lovely little teddy bears, and on the different they are viewed as vicious apex predators.

No depend how you might also appear at bears, one element is for sure: they are cherished with the aid of thousands and thousands of humans worldwide.

If you are one of these followers and would like to analyze how to draw a bear, then this is the information for you!

Draw a Bear Step-By-Step

1st Step:

Let’s start by drawing the face of your cute bear!

Draw a Bear

2nd Step:

No bear drawing is complete without a pair of fluffy little ears. To draw the ears, simply draw two half circles on either side of your bear’s head. The half circles should be the same shape, with one being smaller and inside the other.

Draw a Bear

3rd Step:

Now, we will begin drawing in the face of your bear. To draw the bear face, include two symmetrical eyes.

Draw a Bear

4th Step:

If you are doing a bear sketch without color, you can shade in the eyes in this step. If you want to color your bear eyes a certain way, you can skip this step.

Draw a Bear

5th Step:

Next, draw a wide circle to make your bear nose.

Draw a Bear

6th Step:

In this step, you should shade in the bear nose you just drew.

Draw a Bear

7th Step:

The last part of your bear face to draw is the mouth. You can draw a mouth by creating two half circles that connect to the bottom middle of your bear nose. The open part of the circle should face upwards.

Next, draw one more half circle at the bottom middle of the first two half circles.

Draw a Bear

8th Step:

Draw two symmetrical arms that curve in towards the middle of your bear’s body.

Draw a Bear

9th Step:

Draw two ovals that point out and to the side. These will be feet for your bear.

Draw a Bear

10th Step:

One of my favorite parts – the toes and foot pads!

Draw a Bear

11th Step:

Draw two curved lines on either side of your bear connecting the sides of the arms to the feet to create the body.

Draw a Bear

12th Step:

Draw one curved line between the feet to create the bottom of your bear’s body.

Draw a Bear

13th Step:

Now you’re done. Congrats! If you’d like to bring some color into this drawing, see the next step.

Draw a Bear

14th Step:

If you choose to color in your bear, here is an example of a shaded in brown bear. You can copy this if you’d like!

Draw a Bear



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