Doves are the most common types of bird in the world, and were been domesticated long ago. Famous historical figures such as Genghis Khan, Julius Caesar, and others used them to deliver messages.

A dove with an olive branch in its core represents the symbol of peace. The dove of peace encompasses all the countries of the world and is a sign that was adopted once the Second World War ended.

In 1949, the painter Pablo Picasso participated in the World Congress for Peace and designed the poster of the congress with the lithograph of a dove resting on the ground and then drew another with the dove flying with the olive branch in its beak. Then the dove of peace became popular and spread everywhere.

This tutorial breaks down how to draw a dove in a few easy and simple steps. The wings are extended above the body and the shapes are simplified so that children of all ages can draw a dove that fills the page.

The world can always use a few more drawings and wishes for peace from children all around the world.

How to Draw a Dove Using Watercolor Pencils

If you’re thinking of creating your own holiday cards this year, you might want to add this simple yet elegant dove drawing to your design. Doves are universally known as birds of peace and are the perfect symbol to use on Christmas cards or as framed holiday art. This article will show you how to draw and paint a dove using watercolor pencils in six easy steps.

They have also long been a symbol of new beginnings, peace, love, prosperity, and many more.

The mesmerizing beauty and extreme popularity of doves has created a huge demand for a free dove drawing tutorial.

Watercolor pencils are such a versatile art tool. You can use them like you would a regular colored pencil to get vibrant colors and beautiful layers, or you can add water to your marks and they instantly turn into watercolor paint! How fun is that?

How to Draw a Dove Step-By-Step

When drawing subjects with lots of parts, such as birds and animals, it’s best to start with basic shapes—circles, ovals, squares, rectangles, and triangles. As you look at your reference photo, you’ll begin to see these shapes.

It’s also best to use a drawing pencil with a hard lead, such as an HB, to make the lines of your sketch very light so that they blend with the color pencil.

Step 1

Use basic shapes to sketch the body, head, tail, and wings. As you can see here, the head is a small circle, the body is an oval, and the wings and tail are triangles that have been adjusted to mimic their actual shape. Now that you have drawn the basic overall shape of a flying dove, you can start to add the details.

Michael myers drawing

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2 Step

You don’t have to draw each individual feather. Instead, add lines that indicate the feathers in the wing and the tail. To show where the dove’s legs and feet will be, place two small circles at the lower edge of its body. Next, add the olive branch with leaves, the bird’s tiny triangular beak, and a small oval for the eye.


Once you outline your initial shapes you’ll begin to see the dove taking shape. This is when you can define the feathers more and add his little feet. Erase any lines outside the outline of the dove.

4 Step

Color the feathers inside the wing using A089. You don’t have to color in every wing, as this dove is white and the blue is supposed to depict the feathers that are in shadow. Add some blue lines to the belly of the dove to give its body dimension. For the wings that are catching the most light, color them with the A040. This looks like the sun shining on them, doesn’t it?

5 Step

To finish, add more blue to darken the shadows and more yellow to brighten the highlighted areas. Don’t worry about the blue and yellow mixing to make green. This just adds an interesting and painterly quality to your drawing.

Dove drawing Picture





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