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Doodle Monsters

Doodle Monsters drawing

A drawing lesson for kids and adults who refuse to grow up.

Drawing monsters with doodles is easy and fun, since you can draw whatever you like!

There is no limit to what a monster drawing can be and so allow you imagination be wild. This page will provide you with an idea of the various monster doodles which you could draw. I’ll guide you the steps to draw two monsters and provide suggestions for more. Use these suggestions and make them more appealing with twists or exaggerate them to create your own cute Doodle Monsters!

Bonus On the right side of this webpage, you’ll see the link to download an free coloring page for doodle monsters that features the fanciful creatures here, as well as other characters.

For starters Doodle monsters can be scary or cute. They could be:

Let’s begin at high: Monsters could have many eyes , or even no eyes at all. They also may have multiple heads! What else?

How to Draw an Owl

They may have lots of hair or not have any at all.

Large floppy ears, tiny ears, pointed ears or even no ears!

Sharp teeth in rows without teeth, two or three tooth that are crooked… and an ear!

What about legs and arms? A monster could have 10 legs, or six legs, or none at all. There are 8 arms, and she could have 11 arms.

Perhaps they don’t have arms, but they might have fins or wings! What do you think of the tail?

Monster doodles could include eyes and limbs surprising locations.

Start with any form. Any shape you want.

how to draw a mandala

How about an oblong-shaped shape with round edges? This is how we draw the tall monster that we see here!

Take a look at the drawings below to discover the art of drawing this adorable smiley monster.

1. Draw a long-shape with smooth edges.

2. Make spiky triangles around the edges to create fur. You should leave enough space at the bottom for feet and legs!

3. Make his feet move.

4. Draw the face of the man. I sketched two eyes with two eyebrows, one mouth and a sharp tooth that is sticking up. Draw any facial expression you want!


How to Draw a Marble

5. After you’re finished then you can color your doodle in any color you’d like.

2. Give it an appearance. I made my raindrop look pretty normal looking face, with just two eyes, dimples and a mouth. You could give your raindrop six eyes and a huge nose, if that’s what you’d like!

3. Then draw your hands on the raindrops. Draw them however you like. I sketched mine at to the very top of my head of the raindrop monster!

4. Draw feet and legs for the raindrop beast. I made four feet on my own! (I am wondering what he’s hiding from!)

5. Color it with your most favorite colors or go for boldness and use your least-loved colors.


Doodle Monsters drawing


Watch video of Doodle Monsters drawing


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