Donald Trump Drawing Lesson

Donald Trump Drawing Lesson

Step 1:

Start by drawing the shape of his face first, and then move on to drawing facial face features! Draw his lips in a confined manner and squeezed to kind like the famous ‘pouty lips’. I love the way the man speaks in interviews. It’s so funny although sometimes I’m not really paying focus on what he’s talking about until after watching them just for the facial expressions, lol.

Step 2:

Let’s draw the famous and witty hairstyle. I simply sketched on the top part of his ice cream swirly hairstyle and then moved towards the sideburns.

Step 3:

Let’s focus on the form of his body as well as his hands, which are cupped to create the look of a plotting.

Step 4:

Draw the charming collar to finish his outfit.

Step 5:

With thin lines, draw with details for his hairstyle to give some substance to the overall appearance.

Step 6:

Then you can begin the drawing process on the desk. The drawing process is merely the lines that are straight across the sides and under his arms.

Step  7:

Draw the cup of pencils as well as the deck of paper upon the desk. I sketched the papers on the desk, fanned as shown to look like “cards” from his hand. What a cool idea, right?

Step 8:

Draw the rubber duck (the Duck was drawn due to the fact that his hair reminded to me the design of rubber duckies lol). Then , use fine lines for drawing the finer details of the paper.

Step 9:

Once you’re happy with the drawing you’ve done your own, this is the way the drawing should look! I hope you’ve enjoyed this tutorial. Thank you for watching and be sure to check back for more tutorials similar to this!

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