DIY BUNNY FINGER PUPPET || Incredibly Cute Bunny Finger Puppets

If you’re in search of creative Easter craft ideas this week, we’ve got the perfect bunny crafts today! These adorable bunny fingers puppets are adorable, easy to make and enjoyable for children for them to enjoy.

Winnie The Pooh Coloring Pages for Kids

Happy Spring to you! With less than a month to Easter, what is the best time to sit down and read some adorable books about bunnies and make adorable bunny-themed craft projects!


The adorable rabbit puppets are perfect for children from all age groups, but especially for those in the preschool years. Because preschool is an excellent opportunity to build fine motor muscles of fingers and hands using finger puppets is an excellent entertaining and aesthetically pleasing activity for children in preschool.

Learn our simple guide below and then take a look at our video tutorial in this blog post for a tutorial on how to create an adorable rabbit puppet. This craft has been updated to include a brand new printable template to make making your bunny finger puppet more simple.

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