Dark Magician from Yugioh Drawing Step by Step

The basic step-by step drawing guide that follows


Let’s begin this lesson. Begin with a circle to represent the DM head, then draw lines that form the framework to draw the Yu-Gi-Oh! card characters.

Step 2

This is where you draw a cone with a pointed tip which resembles the Dark Magician’s hat and his collar. The lining on the hat isn’t smooth. Instead, it’s the ribbed style. The hat also serves as the frame that frames his face So you’ll need to be aware of that when you’re doing this step.

Step 3

Make the magic hat in greater depth through the addition of spiral veins to the hat, starting from the point. Then, draw the back of the collar and finally, add the boards. After that, you are able to color the inside of your collar and add some shoulder padding.

Step 4

Draw other portions of the leaf such as the collar to draw the DM. Once you’ve finished then you can add more precise contours and draw the face as you would. Once you’re done sketch the upper part of the right arm. Note that there’s an arm pad.

Step 5

Draw his arm in the final stage, before drawing his hands in the manner you can see it here. Next, draw a sketch of his shirt which is supposed to have a loose style and texture. After that Add folds and folds to add the illusion of detail. Then, stroke and outline.

Step 6

Before doing anything else, take out the staff that the Dark Magician has stuck on your face. On at the very top create two flaps. And then, the ball-shaped pearl at the center. Then, draw more in the length of the shirt then tie the back.

Step 7

As you can see, you’re nearly done with this class. It’s now time to draw your length on your DM shirt. Are you noticing how the shirt has folds? Incorporate details and strokes in order to show the texture of the shirt. Then, draw out the thighs.

Step 8

Draw The Dark Magicians’ legs, and then add details to the pants’ material. Make sure in erasing the lines and the shapes that you created in the first step to tidy the work.

Step 9

This is the way you’ll see your Yu-Gi-Oh Card character is going to appear when you’re finished. Color him in the most epic shades, and then you’re finished. I hope you enjoy yourself!

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