Cinderella Coloring Pages

There are many fairytales and stories we grew up with that we love.

These stories are not all well-known, but Cinderella’s story is one of the most popular, thanks to the Disney movie adaptation.

This collection of Cinderella coloring pages is free for children and includes 15 images that you can color and share with your friends!

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This collection is sure to make you fall in love again with the story.

Once you’ve colored your pages, you can post the results to our Pinterest and Facebook pages.

Do you think you can recreate a look you love from the movies? Or will you do a complete makeover for her?

This next image gives us a closer look at Cinderella!

This photo shows her beautiful facial expressions. You can also see the finer details in her dress.

This type of picture gives you the opportunity to recreate a look from the movies or create a new one.

After coloring this Cinderella portrayal, you can add more details to the page or even a background.

This page is the first in our collection of Cinderella coloring pages.

You can see her in one of her classic looks from the film, which gives you some ideas for colors to choose from, unless you prefer to create a different look.

This is a charming scene from the movie that we offer you to color. This is Cinderella dancing with the prince at fancy balls. It’s one of the most memorable moments in the film.

What colors will you choose to portray the magic and fanciness of this scene?

This stunning close-up shows Cinderella in her fancy ball gown.

This look is achieved by having transparent fabric draped over her shoulders. You can then use the art tools and media you have to represent this.

These details would benefit from some soft mediums, such as colored pencils and watercolors.

To create the illusion of transparency, you could use darker colors or mediums to draw some lines.

Are there other materials or techniques that you could use to make this transparent fabric?

The next page of our collection of Cinderella coloring pages is a charming portrayal of the classic character.

We see quite a bit of her gown, and she is so expressive and beautiful in her facial expressions and poses.

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