Christmas Bart Drawing Lesson

Christmas Bart Drawing Lesson

Step one:

Beginning by sketching out the guidelines for Bart. Begin with the head as well as the body’s shape. After that, you can draw guideline for the leg, neck guideline along with the guideline for arm.

Step two:

It is now time to begin drawing the back of Bart’s face and sketch the front. You can also draw the bulging eyes, and finally his nose. Make sure to draw Bart’s ear as well.

Step three:

Then we will draw his neck, mouth and the upper part of his body. Bart’s body is a little round , and his torso is designed as the bell. If the upper part of his body is in drawn, you may draw his sleeves and his arm that is thrown to the side over his shoulder.

Step four:

Put on to the shorts, belt. Draw the left sleeve as well as a part parts of your arm.

Step five:

Begin to draw your legs and boots.

Step six:

Finally, present Bart the Santa hat. Then, draw the sack that the bearer is carrying on his shoulder. Eliminate the mistakes and guides and then add detail to the bag.

Step seven:

This is the line art set to colour in. You can now showcase it once you’re finished by coloring it in.

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