Chicken little duck -

Chicken little duck

Michael myers drawing

Abby-Duck is the deuterantagonist of the movie Chicken Little. She is a female duck with buck teeth wearing a purple shirt with pink heart on it and two hairbands which hold up her hair. Her goal is to date chicken little.

Let’s see how we can translate this real yellow duck into several funny ducks! The two most obvious physical particularities of the duck are his long flat beak and his little puffy tail .

The duck does have very small wings and a cute curly neck . His feet are also very original and easy to recognize on a drawing. Notice the nice long curve that compose the chest .

Cool! Imagine now that you learn to draw ducks how you could change some aspect of it to make it more… original. Want to draw a long beak? Or how about a duck with big eyes?

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Dove drawing

Michael myers drawing

Whatever you choose to do, don’t forget to put emphasis on the tail, the beak and the feet. Your ducks can only look like ducks if you really play with those parts with ease! Good duck!… I mean… luck.

Children sit in circle. One person is “It” and walks around outside of circle touching
other children on heads. As they touch each head, they say “Duck, duck…” When they
are ready, they say, “Goose!” The person they touch when they say “Goose” must
jump up and chase “It” around the circle. “It” must make it around circle and sit in
empty space before Goose catches him. If “It” does not make it around, he sits in the
middle of the circle (the goose pot) for the next round.

Michael myers drawing
Michael myers drawing

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