Chibi style drawing of Luke Skywalker

Chibi style drawing of Luke Skywalker

Step 1:

The same way you always start is to use shapes and guidelines. The guidelines for the face, limbs and head should be drawn.

Step 2:

Old Luke’s hairstyle will be your focus. It should be long and curly. Once that’s done, make sure you incorporate the shape of your ear.

Step 3:

Let’s start with the face. The jawbone and chin shape is also known as the beard. Then draw the eyebrows thickly and then create the large, round shapes for your eyes. Then color in the pupils, and then draw the details inside the ears. You can also add a nose or mouth.

Step 4:

You can now draw Old Luke’s dress. This will be the starting parts of your body. Also, add definition to the robe and prepare the lining.

Step 5:

Next, draw the Jedi Light Saber in your left arm and hand. After that, you can add the hand and sleeve.

Step 6:

Finish Old Luke Skywalker’s body by drawing the dress or clothing that he wears underneath. Finish by adding the folds, wrinkles, and crinkles to his belt. You can erase any mistakes made with the guides.

Step 7:

You are done! This chibi Old Luke Skywalker can be colored. I hope you had a lot of fun, folks.

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