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Chibi Michael Myers Drawing Tutorial

Chibi Michael Myers Drawing Tutorial

Step 1:

Begin by drawing outline and the shapes of your chibi-killer. It consists of a head-shaped shape and guidelines for the body and face.

Step 2:

Next, draw the form of the face that is his ultimate mask, and add the forms of the ears and the hairline that frame the face. Incorporate details in the ear too.

Step 3:

This is where you draw the eye shapes. While drawing them, be sure that the result make Michael extremely macabre. Then, add details on the face, as well as draw nose slits and the tiny empty mouth.

Step 4:

This is where we’ll draw Michael’s hairstyle, which is combed and appears smooth. Then add the details to the hair strands or create hair strands, and you’re finished with this step.

Step 5:

It could be complex because you’ll be doing this with Michael Myers clothes and body. The clothes are also the body and I’m guessing it is best to begin with the form of the neck. Then draw out shoulders. He is wearing a single piece mechanical style suit, which means that the only seam lines are along to the back of the dress. Incorporate pockets, folds, and creases to complete the look.

Step 6:

In the final drawing step , all you need do is draw his hands, his knife , and the shoes. Remove the mistakes and the guides and then add detail to the knives and the shoes.

Step 7:

That’s it. I hope you’ve got a kick out of this terrifying tutorial on one of the greatest serial killers that has been known to mankind. Color your character in and showcase what you’ve drawn for Halloween.

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