Cherry Fruit Drawing Step By Step Tutorial

If your children enjoy drawing fruit and vegetables, I’ve got an illustration of cherries for children. Cherries are among the most nutritious superfoods that is available. They are deliciously sweet and sour flavor that has amazing health benefits. They are very nutritious and contain an abundance of antioxidants along with fiber, vitamins and minerals. Cherries are beneficial for treating various ailments like inflammation and gout.

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I will teach that you can draw a simple cherry drawing. This drawing will allow your child to learn draw a cherry and also show its nutritional importance. It’s a lot of fun when you teach your children how draw cherries as they eat them with this simple drawing of cherries for your children and you. Consider adding cherries into your child’s diet to reap amazing health benefits.

The basic step-by step drawing guide that follows

Step 1

First , trace the stem of the group of cherries. This will serve as a base for drawing the cherry. As you can see in the image that it’s made by drawing just only a few lines. These trunks will make sure that the cherry is in an appropriate overall position in the drawing. Calculate the length and curvature of the branches to ensure they are perfectly.

Step 2

Draw circles around the cherries. I made two cherry circles on one cluster which you could draw as many as you’d like. Create marks and lines on the surface of the cherries to look like the real cherry.

Step 3

Then draw the construction line for leaves. Make sure to avoid drawing leaves too big and broad. Draw the leaves with a contrast to how big the fruit is. Complete the leaves by making lines and veins in the leaves so that they appear real

Step 4

In this stage make a few additional leaves on the opposite end of the stem. Additionally, you should provide all the final strokes and shades to create an authentic cherry drawing. Make use of a drawing marker during this process to get an elegant appearance.

Step 5

Then, it’s now time for you to paint the cherry. Use shades that make it appear authentic. I suggest you apply red to the rind and leaves, as well as green as well as brown to make the cherry effortlessly. Make sure to leave a white mark on the skin of the cherry to make it stand out. Because cherries have a smooth surface, you can apply a strong color stroke.

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