Cartoon Dragon Drawing -

Cartoon Dragon Drawing

Cartoon Dragon Drawing

Cartoon Dragon Drawing

Step 1:

Start drawing the shapes and guidelines that you will use to draw your dragon. Include the head, body, neck, and tail.

Step 2:

Use the guides to draw the head, nose, and nostril flares. The structure will be drawn to the dragon’s facial details and structure.

Step 3:

Next, draw the eye shapes. Next, draw the eyebrows and color in the pupils. Finally, draw the dragon teeth. Add some scaling to the face.

Step 4:

The cartoon dragon’s head is almost complete. Next, we will add the dragon horns. Next, we will detail them and move on to the next drawing step.

Step 5:

Next, draw the dragon body. Also draw the legs and wings.

Step 6:

Work on the body by drawing in the neck. Next, draw the chest. Next, draw in the front legs. Make some swirls at the knees, then add muscle definition.

Step 7:

The belly, back leg, and foot should be drawn. Next draw the tail. It is kind of hidden behind your tail. Make sure to swirl your knee.

Step 8:

The last drawing step should not be difficult. Next, draw the separation line along the neck. Next, draw the fire and detail the wings. You can erase all mistakes and any guidelines you have made.

Step 9:

You’re done! You can now have fun coloring your cartoon dragon, and you can also give it background images.

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