Bumblebee Drawing Step by Step || Bumblebee Transformer

It is possible to refer to the easy step-by-step drawing instructions below.

Step 1
Begin this first step by sketching out Bumblebee’s shape and directions. Start with his head which is a small circular. Draw outlines in the guidelines for the face. It is time to draw a circle for his chest, and later draw a large bauble to the crotch area. After that design is completed then you can begin drawing the forms of his strong legs, arms feet, hands, and hands. For the hand, you’ll need to draw the linings for the fingers. The right hand is inside the first frame, and the left hand, as you can see, is fully open to grasp something. When the frame’s basic outline is drawn, you can begin sketching details and mechanical forms on his body, as you can see in this image. Utilize the first step to serve as a reference for different lines and shapes.

Step 2
After you’ve drawn the lines and forms that relate to Bumblebee’s body and frame. You can begin to sketch his face as well as that left-hand side. The thing you’ll want to focus on is zooming into the picture to see every detail that needs to be sketched out. This will be a common exercise on his large shoulders and left hand. Once the left arm has been full and his head lifted as shown in this picture, you can begin doing the same thing for his chest, right leg, and foot as well as arm. Additionally, you can find out more about his crotch.


Step 3.
Continue to focus on the result of the step, you’ll still require all elements that have to be sketched out and drawn. Begin with drawing the face in the form of the eyes. Then, begin drawing the details on his chest. Then, complete the left hand and arm. Following the guidelines you sketched in the first step and two, you should be able to draw his fingers and hands with a nice style. When you’ve finished drawing the left begin drawing details on his left leg, as well as the foot. Move to the right and begin drawing the details in the upper right-hand side such as the upper portion of his forearm. Then his feet and legs. When you’re done, you’ll be able to proceed to step four.

Step 4
What you need to remove now is any rendering guidelines that you created in the first step because the more detail you add, the more difficult it will be to get rid of. The next step is to add additional details by sketching out the required forms and lines to create this Autobot with an attractive appearance. Simply by taking a look at the image, you can see where all the parts of the lining are. After you’ve completed your sketch and it is perfect, you can proceed to the next step.

Step 5
Draw more precise lines here in step 5 and you will be able to see. Complete and finish your sketch here since this is the last step in the sketch.

Step 6
Once you have drawn all the highlights and shadows, your sketch will appear like the image below. This tutorial is aimed at experienced artists but is attainable by anyone who wishes to give it a go. This is the final instruction on drawing Bumblebee Autobot, a character from Transformers.

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