Brachiosaurus Drawing Step by Step Tutorial

The basic step-by step drawing guide that follows

Tyrannosaurus Rex Drawing Step by Step Tutorial

Step 1

First, draw an approximate circular outline and an extended line to the neck and lower body.

Step 2

Then, draw one big circular body, and two smaller circles for legs.

Step 3

You can begin drawing the body using rough lines.

Step 4

This is the tough part because you have to sketch out his legs. The easiest method to accomplish this is to imagine the footprint of an elephant and then take the sketch from there.

Step 5

Then, fill in the neck’s sides until they are full and begin creating the shape of your face. Make sure to include the hind legs.

Step 6

Let’s now go into greater depth in this section. Keep sketching and detailing your dinosaur’s tail.

Step 7

In this next step, include contact information. Remember that dinosaurs were reptiles, which implies they were covered in the skin of an Lizard. When sketching the details, bear in mind that they were reptiles. This will help you to draw the precise liner of the dinosaur.

Step 8

Take out any unwanted lines and instructions lines, and you’re finished. All you have to do is color him, then hang the picture on the wall or roof. Good job.

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