Bluey Coloring Pages

Bluey, the puppy, has been a popular dog all over the world. It’s easy to understand why after you’ve had a few of her sweet adventures with her family and friends!

This is your chance to color your blues in this series of Bluey coloring pages.

You can even make unique dog characters by mixing different colors. These Bluey printables are yours to color Bluey or any of his friends!

After you have completed your Bluey coloring pages, please post your colorful creations to our Facebook Page. We would love to see your creative ideas and share the joy with you.

If you want your daughter to appear screen-accurate, you can use the same colors as before but you can also give her unique colors if she prefers.

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What color will this portrayal look like?

Bluey is again shown in this great performance. Here, she gives off a great wave that gives the image a positive vibe.

This could be Bluey but there are other characters you could play! She is very similar to her sister Bingo except that Bingo’s color scheme uses warmer reds.

This character could be made into a parent by using her color scheme and changing a few details. What character would you like to portray on this page?

Bluey is seen with her mom Chilli at the beach. This is the first image from our Bluey coloring pages collection.

You probably already know that Bluey is colored in dark and light blues, while her mother is in shades of light brown and dark brown.

You can either stick to the same color scheme or use different colors for a more colorful day on the beach.

Bluey looks very happy and excited to be outside in our next Bluey coloring page.

To match her cheerful mood, I would use bright colors as the background for this cheerful image.

This next Bluey coloring page will take you on a relaxing walk outside.

Bluey and Bingo look very similar, except that Bingo is in the same shades of brown as her mom. You could make this a depiction of Bingo, if you wish!

Who will take this long walk outside?

This next page will be full of coloring fun! Bluey is here, and she’s looking excited about something.

What could possibly have caused her to feel this way? You can draw additional objects or background details if you have ideas.

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