Big Bad Wolf Drawing

Big Bad Wolf Drawing

Step one:

Since we’re making a drawing of a face, we do not need any guides. Instead, we’ll start by drawing the front of the wolf. It is quite broad and narrow, the long snout. After that you can draw the open mouth and the chin.

Step two:

You can draw the eye’s long shape as well a draw the cheek bump which rests just below it. This is because we can see smiles that are sly. Draw the liner to make the nose, and draw some empty circles to make whisker holes.

Step three:

Then, fill in the mouth gap with a beautiful full set of white. The only sharpness you’ll detect is the sharp edges of the wolf’s mouth. You can also add some shading and a gum line.

Step four:

It’s the time to draw the rough back of the cheek, and then draw a small piece of fur between the larger piece you’ve drawn.

Step five:

Now you can begin drawing the ear pointed that is slightly tilted toward the front. You can add some small details inside the ear as well. Once the ear is ready, you can smoke the cigar-shaped cigarette that is being chewed down between your teeth.

Step six:

You’re ready to pull out the fedora, which is the type of hat that this sly wolf wears. On the opposite face of his hat, you can see the tip of his other ear.

Step seven:

Then, draw the wolf’s fluffy, thick body. Begin by drawing behind the head, which is the neck’s back and draw the shoulder and chest. Then draw in a fluid manner throughout the body too. Make sure you erase any mistakes to make sure the drawing is clean.

Step eight:

That’s it. It’s time to draw your Wolf. Enjoy yourself while coloring and don’t forget to give your wolf a gorgeous background. Don’t forget to upload your work onto the website Hub.

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