Betty Boop Drawing Step by Step Tutorial

It is possible to refer to the easy step-by-step drawing instructions below.

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Step 1

Begin with a head guide or face and then outline the head guides.

Step 2

Make use of lines to define the face. You can clearly see that it’s going to be drawn in an angle. This means that you start with the forehead and ending slightly sunken down for her eyes. Then draw the cheek the chin, jawline and bump.

Step 3

Begin filling in Betty Boop’s hairy spots. Small curls are ideal for styling her face as such and must be divided. After that is done then you can make large earrings with hoop designs.

Step 4

Then you can finish the head’s shape by drawing the remainder part of her hair. Make another hoop and you’re finished.

Step 5

When her face is complete as well as her hair finished, we’ll begin the process of adjusting her eyebrows and nose. Her face is a side view.

Step 6

Draw on her expressive eyes. And this must include eyelashes. Draw her pouty lips and add some details to her eyes.

Step 7

Then, let’s take a look at Betty Boop’s body posture. Make sure to draw her left hand lifted and her head lowered behind. It is necessary to draw her shoulders, as well as some neck forms.

Step 8

Lastly sketch her right-hand side of the figure with her fingers on her neck. Then, paint her with beautiful nails, as she did in her cartoon-style template. Apply strokes to her neck, and then erase any mistakes and guidelines.

Step 9

Now you’re eager to color this real-life model of Betty Boop. Color her in the traditional Betty Boop color.

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