Beautiful Girl Drawing Step by Step: Tutorial

The basic step-by step drawing guide that follows

Sparrow Drawing Step by Step Tutorial

In the beginning, we will draw a chic woman step-by-step. The first step is to require a pencil as well as an eraser for erasing any errors. We then have to begin drawing. First, we need to draw the eyebrows of the girl’s face. first. We need draw the right eye of the girl’s eyes , and then draw the left eye in the eye of the child. We now have to draw the eyes of the girl first. We need to create eyes that are transparent. Then we will create it’s time to make the retina. After the girl’s right eye is completed, we need create the left eye by following the same procedure as that we followed to make the eye of the other. After we’ve finished the eyeliner we must create her nose.

The next step is to create straight lines to create an outline of nose, and the black dots that are on the tip of the nose. After the nose has been created then we need to draw the lips on her face. This sketch is beautiful and gorgeous. We now have to draw the girl’s lips first . First we must draw the top lip, and then the lower lips of the female.

Step 2:

After the initial step is complete After that, we must begin to create the gorgeous girl drawing using pencil. Therefore, we need to create the remainder of the sketch by using the inside layers of our face, and in addition, the outside layer. The next step is drawn the hair for the gorgeous girl using the pencil. Color the hair and then darken the lines. Then , we need to draw the girl’s hands on the face by drawing bent fingers. Once this drawing is completed it is time draw her shoulders and neck. We also need to draw the form of the girl’s clothing.

Step 3: When your second stage is completed and we are ready to tackle Step 3. In this step , we will need to focus on hair and clothing. We now need to make the lines darker and darken the eyes by drawing them with a pencil. The sketch of the gorgeous drawing girl using pencil is very gorgeous and cool. Learn drawing an attractive face for a girl.

Step 4:

In Step Four We will be working on the lines and sketches of the gorgeous girl using pencil. This step we’ll need to darken the sketch and more attractive than the first step.

Step 5:

As the final step we will now begin to do some work on the hair of the girl which will look gorgeous. Additionally, the colors in the drawing are light and darker. Eliminating too many shapes and obscurations are not good and can result in a unique and interesting design that is eye-catching. Also, take care of your clothes and your face to create an appearance that fades blemishes. Our sketch now looks nice and appealing.

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