Bearded Dragon Drawing Step by Step Tutorial -

Bearded Dragon Drawing Step by Step Tutorial

Bearded Dragon Drawing Step by Step Tutorial

It is possible to refer to the basic step-by step drawing instructions that follow below.

How To Draw A Heart Grenade

Step 1

Let’s begin by creating the guides making sure the lines are as even and closely to this stage as you can. Do not rush through the course because many of your lines will depend on the exact shape of your lines.

Step 2

What you need to do is sketch out the exact shape of the head of the lizard and then draw an outline of a color on the back of the head, near the temple. The head must be drawn in such a way that it appears to be like it is elongated.

Step 3

In this drawing, you’ll draw the eyeball and you will add the half-closed eyelid. Draw the line of the mouth, then begin by adding more details on the neck and nose.

Step 4

Once the head is in place then you can begin drawing your body. Draw your foot first, and then draw the foot or hand first. Include details in the form of wrinkles, and you’re finished.

Step 5

From this point on things will get simpler. The next step is to draw the body. Draw the back and then the similar line on the back until it is a beautiful curl that touches his hind foot on his foot. Draw the heel and then proceed to the sixth step.

Step 6

Then, on the forehead, trace lines of thorns along the sides of the head. Next, create the beard in all its. Outline texture arrays to the proper scale. Once you’re done, draw it out. Remove the mistakes and clean the drawing.

Step 7

This is your dragon with a bear. If you’ve followed these steps, it will be like the picture here.

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