Batman Coloring Pages

This is one way that you can show the speed at which Batman is traveling at, however you can choose to have the more intricate background you’d like!

How do you finish this exciting character?


Batman’s batsuit has seen various forms over his many comic, film television as well as video games.

It seems like it has some elements of many of these characters, because it’s more cartoonish in style, yet is extremely precise.

This means that there are many options to paint this picture.

Do you think you’ll choose a more subtle style with some dark colors, or do you think you will use brighter hues to create a look as he does in comics?

How to Draw a Jacket

If you’re not sure it’s a good idea to print several copies to test your ideas!


We’ve got a truly amazing posture for our caped crusader on this very first Batman coloring page!

He appears to be watching out for danger You can imagine that he’s standing at the top of a building and looking around for any signs of criminality.

What color scheme do you want to choose to create this stunning Batman pose?


The first page we provided to you had an ethereal pose, however the next page features more of an action-oriented scene.

Batman is soaring forward appearing fierce, which is a good idea to consider which of his many enemies Batman might be fighting.

You could identify which person you think the villain could be by drawing clues in the details in the backdrop!

The most common image of Batman is to see him sitting high on a tall building with his back to Gotham City, and that appears to be the case in this instance.

Batman looks extremely noble in this photo and it is clear that he’s prepared to take on any challenge that will come his way.

To make this photo even more impressive, you could make a city backdrop to the background.

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