Bart Simpson Drawing Step by Step Tutorial

The easy step-by-step drawing instructions below.

How To Draw A Lovebird Step by Step

Step 1
Create something that resembles the shape of a robot. Later, you’ll need to add designs to make it appear like Bart. Continue to the next step when you’re at your best.

Step 2
Draw lines and circles because I deliberately added them, as we move on, simplify it. Draw slowly. Once you’ve finished this step, be sure to be patient on your next task.

Step 3
Draw objects so that it looks like Bart. Relax, guys! I’m not DQ. I’m always on the move. After you’ve finished this, I’ll inform you what you need to do in the following step.

Step 4
Yes, you are done. It’s not easy to accomplish. I don’t want fraud and just duplicate a photo into the image. I’m not like you. Also, DQ I’m aware. It took me about an hour to draw a sketch and, in step three I was in an ebb. Sorry.

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