Badger Drawing Step by Step Tutorial -

Badger Drawing Step by Step Tutorial

Badger Drawing Step by Step Tutorial

It is possible to refer to the easy step-by-step drawing instructions below.

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Step 1

Begin creating a circle to represent the head. Next, draw an additional shape for the body that resembles an egg. Draw the outline lines on the face, and then add leg lines.

Step 2

Begin drawing the design of the badger’s face Pay particular attention to the snout because it is the longest and narrow portion of the creature. You will also need to draw the ears.

Step 3

Draw the inner ear’s detail as shown and then color in tiny beads to create eyes. Then, draw the tip of the nose. proceed to step four.

Step 4

Then, draw two broad spear-shaped lines beginning at the forehead and over the eyes. Make small details on the nose, and then move onto the fifth step.

Step 5

You will begin to sketch the form of front legs as well as the chest, and finally, the policeman, including the sharp claws.

Step 6

Now, draw the body of the badger as the one shown here. And keep in mind that you draw hind legs as well as the paws facing backwards. It is also necessary to sketch out the stomach.

Step 7

For the badger to be complete, all you need do is draw the tail, and then add marking lines at one side of the tail. Remove the lines and forms you sketched in step one. Then, you’ll be able to see how the final image will look like once it’s cleaned.

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